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Tips, tricks, and experiences of traveling the world with Type 1 Diabetes

Hello Again and Welcome Back!

Hello and Welcome Back Friends!!

In the past 7 months of travel, we bought over 7 packs of syringes, at least 8 bottles of strips, had 1 Omnipod PDM live in Zurich Switzerland for 2 months, and replaced 4 glucometers,

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Buying Insulin in Bangkok!

Insulin is as important as water, blood, food, and happiness to living for a diabetic. We need it, we gotta have it, but unfortunately it doesn’t flow freely from faucets. Maybe in an ideal diabetic world there will be sterile …

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Traveling Southeast Asia with Type 1 Diabetes

Emily and I are visiting an amazing amusement park called Southeast Asia, and as soon as we landed here, we stepped onto the biggest and baddest ride there is, the roller glucoaster.

My blood sugars…

We have been climbing …

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The Party Never Stops for Diabetes!

            Parts of Thailand are KNOWN for their partying. Everybody in the West has heard of crazy nightlife that can be found in Bangkok, most likely thanks to the Hangover 2

but not everyone has heard of the more popular party

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Travel Speed Bumps in Bangkok

“You must not abandon ship in a storm because you cannot control the winds.”- St. Thomas More.

Things have been hard the past few days, but we are not abandoning ship, we kind of couldn’t even if we wanted to.

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Best of Norway Adventures

Norway in a Nutshell

A brief (as it can be) overview of our amazing 7 day road trip from southern Sweden to Bergen, Norway and back! How we did it on a small budget, the funny mess ups and the …

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Diabetes Philosophy

Everyone has a thing that makes them special, something that makes you, YOU. Maybe your thing is that you can solve a rubix cube in 10 seconds, or that your hair is blue. I was lucky enough to see this

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