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Soooo this is my first blog post ever! Cool! Therefore, I have no idea what I am doing, but I am so excited to be beginning something new in my life, and hopefully helping a few other people! So here is to nervous typing and celebrating another first!


Im pretty sure every single person who will initially come across this post already knows me, but to all my new friends – Hello!! I’m Emily, the little “e” of the two of us. I am a lover of life and greatly prefer to be called Emy. Im here because I passionately love this world and meeting as much of it as I can, and I genuinely want to help others do the same! So we created this space for sharing and helping, and since I’m not always the best at replying to messages, I can answer questions even when I’m sleeping 😉

So lets just start now why don’t we! One of the questions I get the most are directed toward – Why??
Well, the seed was always there, I was born with a curious heart and an insatiable since of wander. But it wasn’t until later in my life that that seed really took root. And then I ran with it.

I didn’t want to wait. It wasn’t necessarily because of my impatience, although I have to admit I can be impatient sometimes, it was the place my life had took me two and the people I was surrounded with that fueled my fire. My profession is in the medical field, and I mainly work with the geriatric population which surrounded me by people who had pretty much written story. These people we’re coming to the end of their lifetime and had to experienced pretty much everything that they would be able to. These people were wise, and full of advice and life lessons for people my age. I loved working with this population because of what they taught me, I always thought they helped me way more than I could ever imagine helping them. In the years that I worked with these people in their “golden years “there was one thing they always said, don’t wait.

Countless times I have been told to just go, do, see the world, or whatever you love! These people told me their stories about how they worked so hard while they were young to save their money; to travel the world and live their dreams after they retire, only to find out they are bound to their location because of medical issues, health issues, or possibly financial issues. I have heard “I wish I would’ve” and “if I could go back in time” so many times it was ingrained in me to jump on every opportunity possible. These people were happy people, some of them wouldn’t of changed one thing in their life, but they still had wish list that would probably never be filled because they are now traveling in a wheelchair with dialysis three days a week, A life they had never dreamt for their 60s, A life they didn’t have control over just like the rest of us.

These stories were fuel to my fire! I had a burning desire to experience every culture I could. I wanted my eyes to be opened to other beliefs, spices, landscapes and people. I have never owned a TV and will always choose experiences and being present as my classroom. I truly believe emerging yourself into other cultures is the best way to learn and come away with an increased ability to relate to others.

Just think if we all put an effort into meeting people from other cultures and learning why they are the way they are, there would be no war, no racism and no hate. This is the greatest perspective to have, to look at people for more than you see on the news and rumors you hear. I wanted this. So I Started putting away all of my fears and excuses and started figuring out how to make it happen. I started putting on my free time into doing what I love and living a life that I love and it is one of the best decisions I have made! And now, I want to pass it on, and help everyone live a life they love as well! So let’s go! And don’t let your dreams stay dreams.

We would love to connect and hear from you! Drop us your thoughts and we will get back to you soon!

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