Hello Again and Welcome Back!


Hello and Welcome Back Friends!!

In the past 7 months of travel, we bought over 7 packs of syringes, at least 8 bottles of strips, had 1 Omnipod PDM live in Zurich Switzerland for 2 months, and replaced 4 glucometers, 2 Dexcom receivers, and 1 Omnipod PDM (a different one from the PDM that lived in Switzerland). We may be back home and in the U.S., but there are bits and pieces of my diabetes all over the world, still out in the world traveling.

Hello again friends and living leashless followers! We have finally made it home safe, sound, exhausted, and excited for the past and our future. While we have missed the life of constant travel, even more we have loved seeing our family, friends, refamiliarizing ourselves with regularity, and of course, GETTING MARRRRRRIED!

We are sorry that we have not updated the blog in a loooooooong time. The full time job of travel became just too much for us to juggle with any extra curricula’s. Our style of travel is very much consistent with our personalities, in our face fast paced, always on the move, and never long between adventures. Rarely did we spend more than one night in the same place, and usually we were changing countries more frequently than we were doing laundry. Every day our basic needs were reset, and our daily routine usually consisted of figuring out where we would be sleeping that night, eating for at least 2 meals, what we wanted to do that day, and the transportation between all of these things. It may sound exhausting, and that’s because it was.

But it was very spontaneous and exciting and allows us to see a lot of places.

Now that we are back in the world of what feels like slow motion, we would love to collect our thoughts and share our diabetes/travel tips and stories with you! Just to recap everything we did and look at our past year with a 30,000 foot view, here is our travel ticklist:

We travelled for 7 months and 10 days (214 days) consistently without going home. But honeslty, it felt like much much longer. That’s an average of 10 days per country.

We visited 21 countries:








(We went straight from the airport to a hotel, but stayed there over 12 hours!)









Czech Republic






Bosnia and Herzegovina


We are so happy to be home, and as we look to the future, we are still excited about our past adventures, which leaves our hearts, minds, and lips brimming with stories to share with you all!

So stay posted for all the upcoming stories and tips we have coming your way! We’d love to hear if any of you have been to any of the same countries and the stories that you have!

We would love to connect and hear from you! Drop us your thoughts and we will get back to you soon!

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