Welcome to LivingLeashless

Seeing the big world with small dollars and diabetes


Following Our Dreams and Helping You Do The Same!

We are Eric and Emily (E&e) and are traveling the world non stop with type 1 diabetes and a budget!

Whether you have type 1 diabetes or a small budget, we want to help you break free from the leashes holding you back and help you see the world!

This blog is for you, to share our experiences of how we are making it happen so that you can do the same!

Come travel with us on our journey to breaking free from our leashes and traveling the world!

Meet The LL Team!

I’m Emily, the little “e” of the two of us. I am a lover of life and greatly prefer to be called Emy. Im here because I passionately love this world and meeting as much of it as I can…

I am Eric, the large E and diabetic half of the E&e duo. By trade, I am a registered dietitian which was developed from my love for food and health. By life I am a professional diabetic…

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